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Rainforest Foundation US’s history spans over 30 years, and could not have been possible without our network of partners and supporters. Learn about our mission, history, people, and current operations in tropical forests around the world.

Explore the roots of Rainforest Foundation US and its international growth.

Get to know the team behind the work of creating a vibrant future with nature and people at the core.

Rainforest Foundation US partners with indigenous peoples’ communities and organizations in Central and South America.

Learn about the leaders and experts supporting Rainforest Foundation US to realize its vision.

Browse all Rainforest Foundation US financial, tax, and grant documents.

Rainforest Foundation US is seeking dedicated professionals to join the fight against tropical deforestation.

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Rainforest Foundation US is headquartered in New York City, USA.

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Rainforests absorb and store more carbon dioxide than all other types of forests, making rainforest protection one of the most effective solutions to climate change. Support indigenous peoples on the frontlines of rainforest protection.

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