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Keeping up with the defenders

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Partnering with indigenous communities to save our rainforests

Securing Rights

Securing Rights

Securing Rights

We support indigenous leaders as they assert their rights with local & national policy makers.We provide indigenous peoples & local NGOs with the legal and technical support necessary to analyze programs and policies that affect their communities & define their priorities. We share information about climate change science, indigenous rights & international policy.
Protecting Lands

Protecting Lands

Protecting Lands

We partner with indigenous communities to help them obtain legal rights to their ancestral lands. We train communities to use technology to protect the rainforest for future generations. We provide legal & technical support, including: mapping & documenting land claims. We train leaders to navigate administrative and legal procedures & negotiate effectively with government officials.
Strengthening leadership

Strengthening leadership

Strengthening leadership

We develop and implement customized community training strategies, workshops, and tools, ensuring that communities are administratively and financially prepared to manage successful social and economic development projects. We aid communities in formalizing their traditional governance practices to ensure they are respected by the State.

Five years after the murder of four environmental defenders in the Peruvian Amazon, the government is finally taking steps to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

Unfortunately, the most dangerous part may be yet to come…

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To Protect the Rainforest:
Two Communities Fight Back

Using drones and working with government agencies, two indigenous communities in Peru have gone from losing 5% of their land to 0% deforestation. Indigenous communities are protecting the rainforest even as they face pressure and violence from illegal coca growing, drug trafficking and logging.

Diana Rios is fighting to protect the rainforest.


As a child Diana accompanied her father as he fought for her community; she never imagined that at eighteen she’d take over his work. After her father was murdered by loggers, Diana bravely took on the responsibility of speaking out for land rights and against illegal logging.

Today she and her community are under constant threat just for protecting the rainforest. Join the Community of Rainforest Defenders and help protect the indigenous people risking their lives to protect the rainforest.

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The Rainforest Foundation US, together with our sister organizations Rainforest Foundation Norway and Rainforest Foundation UK, partners with indigenous communities to protect the rainforest.