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Rainforest Foundation US’s headquarters is located in Brooklyn, New York. Contact us by phone, email, or mail.


1 (212) 431-9098


Mailing Address

Rainforest Foundation US
P.O. Box 26908
Brooklyn, NY 11202

Physical Address

Rainforest Foundation US
50 Court St. Suite 712
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Land Acknowledgement

We at Rainforest Foundation US recognize and honor the original peoples of the land on which our headquarters is based in Brooklyn, New York: The Ramapough Lenape, who have cared for these lands and waters for generations. We ask the Ramapough Lenape people’s permission to be here as their guests and ask their blessing for the good continuation of our work.

Take Action Against Climate Change

Rainforest Foundation US is tackling the world’s most urgent challenges: biodiversity loss, climate change, and human rights violations. Your donation moves us one step closer to creating a more sustainable and just future.

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