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Ngäbe Bugle Communities Were Not Consulted
Soon Their Lands will be Flooded

“Thousands of fish have died. It smells rotten. The whole eco-system of the Tabasará River is now in grave danger” says Ricardo Miranda of the Ngäbe Buglé Indigenous community whose ancestral lands may soon be flooded. The controversial Barro Blanco Dam project in Panama directly affects 480 Ngäbe Buglé indigenous people and their legally recognized land along the Tabasará River – the third largest river in Panama and home to Ngäbe sacred sites and a key part of their livelihoods of fishing and small scale agriculture.

The multi-million dollar project which was approved by the UN Clean Development Mechanism is being built by Panamanian company GENISA with funding from the German Investment Corporation (DEG), the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration.

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