Rainforest Foundation US Branding Kit for Partners

Since its founding, the power of the Rainforest Foundation has lain in the strength of our partnerships. 

We are honored and pleased to partner with you to advance our common vision to safeguard the world’s rainforests by protecting the rights their most effective stewards, indigenous peoples.

What follows is a toolbox containing Rainforest Foundation US’s official visual communications assets as well as guidance for proper presentation of Rainforest Foundation US’s name in written copy.

These materials are shared with our valued partners to ensure accuracy and coherency in the representation of Rainforest Foundation US. 

Please note that final use of these materials must be approved by Rainforest Foundation US’s communications team. Please liaise with your Rainforest Foundation US staff focal point or the Rainforest Foundation US communications team to secure final approvals prior to publishing.

Logo Usage

The logos below should be used as-is. Should re-sizing to a smaller size be required, take care to maintain a consistent aspect ratio. Logos should not be altered in any way and no alternate colors should be applied without prior approval of the Rainforest Foundation US’s communications team. If larger logo sizes are required, please feel free to contact us.

Horizontal Logo

Primary and preferred logo to be applied

Vertical Logo

Secondary logo to be applied only when horizontal space is limited 

In-Text References

The organization’s name should always be represented as “Rainforest Foundation US” in written copy.

The organization’s acronym should always be represented as “RFUS” in written copy.

The following are variations that should be avoided:

  • The Rainforest Foundation US – ‘The’ should not be used
  • Rainforest Foundation U.S. – the ‘US’ portion of the organization name should not include periods between letters
  • RF-US, RFFUS, RFF – these acronyms are all inconsistent with Rainforest Foundation US branding guidelines