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Rainforests Are Destroyed While Government Deliberates

Far from Georgetown or other large settlements, the villages’ lands had been largely untouched by outside forces. Yet the geographical remoteness which had previously sheltered these communities is ending as new infrastructure makes it easier to access this region, putting its native populations in danger.


Direct Action Tips the Scales!

After hundreds of indigenous representatives and their allies blocked the entrances to Panama’s Ministry of the Environment, the director of MiAmbiente sat down to negotiate land rights petitions.


The Genocide No One Is Talking About

State sanctioned violence is on the rise against indigenous peoples in Brazil. In the midst of this tragedy, Rainforest Foundation figurehead Sting reaffirms his support for the rainforest’s native peoples.


Guyana: Region 7 Land Conference

After a historic meeting of indigenous representatives from across Guyana’s Region 7, the council issues a formal statement about their land rights, addressed to national government.


Indigenous Communities Worked Hard for Peace in Colombia

After 52 years of armed conflict, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia reached a definitive peace agreement. The conflict disproportionately affected the country’s indigenous population.

Lime green trees and their reflection in a river in Panama

The Declaration of Indigenous Rights

Panama recently passed Law 81, securing indigenous collective rights, and reaffirming the importance of the UN’s role in securing global human rights.


Barro Blanco

The controversial Barro Blanco Dam may flood the Ngäbe Buglé lands along Panama’s Tabasará River.

Didier Devers
Chief of Party – USAID Guatemala

Didier has been coordinating the USAID-funded B’atz project since joining Rainforest Foundation US in April 2022. He holds a Master’s in Applied Anthropology and a Bachelor’s in Geography. Before joining the organization, Didier worked for 12 years in Central and South America on issues of transparency, legality, governance, and managing stakeholders’ processes in the environmental sector. Prior to that he worked on similar issues in Central Africa. He speaks French, Spanish, and English, and is based in Guatemala.