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A scientifically backed method to significantly reduce deforestation on indigenous peoples’ lands in the Amazon.

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A new peer-reviewed study verifies that the Rainforest Alert methodology can decrease deforestation on indigenous peoples’ lands.

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What is Rainforest Alert?

Rainforest Alert is a community-led rainforest monitoring program that connects indigenous peoples with remote sensing technology in order to better survey their lands against illegal deforestation. Indigenous scouts combine satellite imagery with foot patrols to verify evidence and equip community leaders with the information they need to take action.

Click on the map to download PDFs of RFUS’s current monitoring initiatives in the geographies where we work.

How Rainforest Alert Works

step 1


satellite signalling to land

Forest loss is picked up by satellite and recorded in Global Forest Watch, a free web app.

step 2


laptop with wifi signal on screen

 A regional data hub receives the deforestation alert and saves the data to a memory card.

step 3


two people paddling canoe

Couriers transport the memory card by boat to the affected, off-grid indigenous community.

step 4

Investigate & Document

cell phone with cut down tree on screen

Forest monitors conduct a ground patrol to investigate and document the site of the deforestation alert.

step 5


icon of person holding scales of justice

Forest monitors present evidence to community assemblies, who decide on an appropriate course of action.

Support Rainforest Alert!

Rainforest Foundation US believes that our Rainforest Alert program can avoid nearly 4,000 square miles (1 million hectares) of deforestation over the coming decade – that’s twice the size of Delaware.

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