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Your school can help protect and defend rainforests

Rainforest conservation in the hands of indigenous groups is more effective than any other form of conservation, including the establishment of national parks and preserves. For this reason the Rainforest Foundation has developed the Protect an Acre campaign. Your school or class can help protect rainforests by raising funds that will help indigenous people defend their livelihoods, cultures and unmatched rainforest management practices.


How to protect an acre:

Every $50 your class or school raises will help indigenous peoples in Central and South America to secure their rights to 10 acres of their ancestral rainforests. The funds you raise will help indigenous groups map the boundaries of their territories, document their land claims, educate their communities about their rights, and train leaders advocate for their rights with government authorities.


Step 1: Register

Register at the bottom of the page to be part of the Protect on Acre Campaign

After you complete your registration, the Rainforest Foundation will supply your class with an information packet on one of the indigenous groups whose land you will be helping to protect.


Step 2: Hold a Fundraiser

Organize a fundraising event, sell tickets to the event, get sponsors or raise money in any other creative way. Host a talent show, run, walk, bike, dance, hold a bake sale, a rainforest readathon, or open a lemonade stand for the rainforest.

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Step 3: Send a Donation

Once we receive your donations, The Rainforest Foundation US will send your class a certificate in appreciation of your hard work, which can be displayed in your classroom.

Send checks to:


Rainforest Foundation

1000 Dean Street Suite 430

Brooklyn, NY 11238

And if you include photos of your fundraiser, we will feature them on our Facebook page!




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