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Why volunteer for the Rainforest Foundation?

Each year 32 million acres of rainforest are destroyed worldwide. The rainforests provide a means for carbon sequestration in an era where greenhouse gas emissions are a constant cause for concern. The rainforests are not expendable; they are the roots of our global community.

Millions of indigenous people rely on the rainforests for their livelihoods and cultural survival. When rainforests are destroyed, the people who depend on them lose their homes and sense of identity. As a result numerous 25 languages disappear every year, inevitably leading to the loss of some cultural practices and traditions.

Volunteer with the Rainforest Foundation to protect the future of the rainforests and the people who depend on them.

What to expect:

By committing service learning hours to the Rainforest Foundation, students can gain skills such as networking, communications, media relations, fundraising, teamwork and problem solving. With our service learning packet, students can develop skills and explore new challenges. Students are encouraged to create groups or teams and work together with other students or community members in order to achieve goals.

After the fundraising form has been completed and approved, the Rainforest Foundation will contact you. We ask that students send us bi-weekly feedback to keep us informed on their progress and accomplishments. At the completion of their service hours, students will be asked to send a final report summarizing the success of their volunteer work.



  • Register below to begin your service learning experience.

  • Submit brief updates of your progress after every 10 hours of volunteering.

  • Submit a final 1 page summary of your volunteer work.

Upon successful completion of the requirements listed above, Rainforest Foundation US will send a letter to you and your institution verifying the completion of your service learning project.

The most common type of service learning project for the Rainforest Foundation is coordinating fundraising events.


Here are some fundraising ideas:

  • Host a neighborhood bake sale/lemonade stand/yard sale
  • Host a Run for the Rainforest event
  • Host a benefit concert. Concerts can be as big or as small as you like!
  • Create a local rainforest art exhibit, rainforest karaoke/open mic/poetry slam night, short film screening


If you like our suggestions, or have an idea of your own, here’s a list of ways to bring your inspiration to life. Follow these steps to success:

  1. Fill out the fundraising form. Set some long and short term goals and make sure you track your goals by writing down your accomplishments and changes. Prioritize these goals in terms of the amount of time you need to accomplish each of them.
  2. Find your resources: what is available to you? Friends, family, media (the local newspaper), social media
  3. Give everyone an important role. For example: assign your most creative friend to be the Director of Design, give your mathematically minded friend the role of Financial Director, your outgoing friend would be the Communications and Outreach Director, and so on. Make sure everyone is willing to perform their part and allow room for creativity.
  4. Create a slogan or tag line for your event
  5. Select performers if needed
  6. Discuss methods to reach your audience and begin outreach.
  7. Decide on a budget if needed, and estimate costs. Public spaces are generally more affordable. Set cost per ticket, product or sign up fee.
  8. Put your plan to action!

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