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Since 2006, Josalyn has been one of our most dedicated supporters, raising over $11,000 in donations for the work of the Rainforest Foundation US! Every year Josalyn holds her annual Lemonade Stand for the Rainforest, collaborating with friends, family and local businesses to make the stand a huge success. Not only is her 100% organic lemonade delicious, but she is also a reminder that no one is too young to take action or to make a difference for the causes they are passionate about. Keep up the amazing work Josalyn!

Check out this article written about her most recent lemonade stand in the Capital Gazette!

The students and teachers at Heritage Montessori School have shown their continued support of the work of the Rainforest Foundation US over the past two years. This year they made over $1500 at their annual Bake Sale- tripling their past donations! At Heritage Montessori the kids don’t just fundraise- they turn their school into rainforest for their bake sale!  The dedication of the students to to learn about and protect our planet is a reminder that no one is too young to take action!

During the past decade the wild orangutan population has decreased by approximately 50%, and 80% of orangutan habitat has been altered or lost. These losses are primarily due to deforestation for palm oil plantations. The students at Warren Middle School made and sold this necklace to help raise awareness of the devastating impacts of unsustainable palm oil production on the environment, people and animals. We thank them for their great work!


The Kindergarten and 1st grade classes at North Oakland Community Charter School held a bake sale and raised $500 for the Rainforest Foundation US! The students learned about the rainforest in one of their classes and felt inspired to help save it. They did a great job of setting up the space, lining the walls with the students’ rainforest-inspired drawings and crafts. They also set up a “Rainforest Information Station” where people could ask questions about the rainforest and find out more about what the students learned during their studies! Thank you NOCCS!

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