Treehouse is a community of like-minded people who want to preserve our planet’s future. We know that we need to continue supporting indigenous forest defenders to protect the rainforests, the climate, and the wellbeing of our whole planet.

We need the land stewardship of indigenous peoples if we’re going to make it through the next century. Despite decades of marginalization and neglect, indigenous peoples have worked tirelessly and under numerous threats to stem deforestation—and the catastrophic climate change that comes with it. Now, more than ever, they need our support in return.

That’s why, in our Treehouse, people from around the world come together and give what they can every month. They know a recurring gift maximizes the resources going to indigenous peoples, and ensures that indigenous forest defenders can focus on what’s most important. We’re a community of generous, passionate people who want to save the rainforest: you’ll fit right in.

Treehouse is where the fiercest advocates for rainforests and human rights come together. Join us today.

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Edico Cuelo in his shop in Puerto Alegre, Peru

Keeping Forests Standing and Bettering Lives

Rainforest Foundation US has begun an unprecedented program of direct finance forest defense, wherein indigenous communities are financially rewarded for successfully protecting their territories against deforestation. In Puerto Alegre, on the Amazon River in Northern Peru, community members speak about the tremendous vulnerabilities confronting them.