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Donate via Credit Card, PayPal or Check

Donate via Credit Card or PayPal

Technology has made our work defending the rainforest more effective than ever before. And it’s also easier than ever to make a donation to the Rainforest Foundation to help us protect our forests. Use Paypal, a Debit or Credit Card, your company’s matching gift program, a Donor Advised Fund or Cryptocurrency.
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Donate with a Check

Please make your check payable to “Rainforest Foundation US” and mail it to:
1000 Dean Street, Suite 430
Brooklyn, NY  11238, USA. 


When you join our monthly giving program, you join a network of Rainforest Defenders from around the world. As a Defender you become a partner to our indigenous activists- those who risk their lives on frontlines making sure our forests are protected. This partnership ensures the rainforest remains in safe hands for generations to come.

Donor Advised Funds

What is a donor advised fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a centralized giving program that simplifies your donation to the Rainforest Foundation or other organizations, while giving you the most favorable and flexible tax benefits.

I have a DAF.  How do use it to protect the rainforest?

Recommend a gift to The Rainforest Foundation now using DAF Direct:

  • – Select your DAF from the drop down menu.
  • – Enter the amount you wish to give.
  • – You will be sent directly to your DAF to complete the process.


 And Build a High-Tech Forest Shield

In May 2014, we at the Rainforest Foundation began developing our own cryptocurrency, BitSeeds. A PoW/PoS hybrid crypto, Bitseeds was at one point listed on Bittrex. Though our crypto was ultimately unsuccessful, we’ve continued to constantly explore ways to leverage crypto and blockchain to elevate our impact. Other past efforts include an app to use Simple Token for direct payments, considerations around becoming an EOS block producer, and fundraising via CryptoCare. Today, we are developing a blockchain transparency pilot with Regen Network, allowing donors to track our work in the Amazon Rainforest and reward local communities who are protecting their forests with crypto. We have long been a part of the crypto team but now we need you on our team.

We have long-known that the crypto community has the power to change the world. In response to the intensified deforestation and fires in the Amazon, we have launched a campaign to engage the crypto community in raising funds we will use to protect the Amazon. We hope you will help us do just that by donating crypto and joining our #CryptoFireFighter coalition.

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Donating Stocks

It is easy to donate appreciated securities to The Rainforest Foundation. If you hold stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have risen in value, and you have held them long term--for more than one year--you can make a gift of them to the Rainforest Foundation.

Electronic Stock Transfer 
Instructions for
The Rainforest Foundation

Account# 427-138505-057
DTC# 015
Tax ID# 95-1622945
Broker Address Richard Sepulveda
Morgan Stanley
140 E Ridgewood Ave 5th FL N TWR
Paramus, NJ 0765
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Broker Telephone 1 (201) 967-6270 

If you have any questions, please call us at 212-431-9098 or email donate@rffny.org. 


Talk to your financial advisor about giving to the Rainforest Foundation and socially responsible investment.Talk to your financial consultant.  Giving is easy.  You can use this form to facilitate the transfer of your securities to the Rainforest Foundation.



Charitable Bequests


Many Native American communities are committed to the idea of respecting seven generations—ensuring people make decisions taking into account the seven generations closest them. We all want to make sure know we are passing on a healthy and thriving planet to our family and friends. One way you can ensure your passion and commitment to protecting our planet from climate change, ensuring the biodiversity of the rainforest and the rights of the indigenous peoples is to leave a bequest to Rainforest Foundation US in your will.


A Simple Process

One of the easiest ways to make a gift from your estate is by adding Rainforest Foundation US as a beneficiary of your estate. This gift is called a charitable bequest and simply involves adding a few sentences to your will. Here is an example of what you could include: 

I give [enter the amount you want to give, or percentage of your estate, or residue] to Rainforest Foundation US, having its principal office at 1000 Dean Street, Suite 430, Brooklyn, NY 11238, for its general purposes to protect the rainforest and the rights of indigenous peoples.

To notify us that you have included the Rainforest Foundation US in your estate, please fill out and return this form.

Double Your Donation

Did you know you can double the impact of your gift?

Many corporations offer a matching gift program and some will even match to spouses and retirees.

Use the search field to see if your employer can match your gift.  

If you do not find your employer listed, please check with your company’s Human Resources department to see if your company offers a matching gift program. If you have any questions email us at giving@rffny.org.

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