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Fighting Climate Change



After years of research, there is no longer any doubt that climate change is occurring and that it is caused by human actions. While much of the blame can be attributed to our over-reliance on fossil fuels, massive deforestation in the 20th and 21st centuries has diminished one of our planet’s best tools absorb carbon. Our forests are natural buffers against some of the worst effects of climate change, buffers that can be preserved through action on the ground. 

For too long that action has been lacking. Forest conservation has too frequently meant bureaucrats making decisions with little thought to what is actually happening on the forest floor. But our partners know the understory– in fact they live there. By working directly with indigenous communities in the forest, we make sure that funding to fight climate change and protect the forests actually gets to those who are on the ground, to those who know the situation first hand and can use the resources to make sure our planets forests fight climate change.

Climate change largely has to do with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases, called as such because they help trap the Sun’s heat much like a winter garden or greenhouse does. Made up of one-part Carbon and two-parts Oxygen, CO2 is usually balanced naturally but is accumulating in the atmosphere faster because of large-scale farming and our use of fossil fuels. Carbon also happens to be the main ingredient for plant-life (like all living things), and adds up when concentrated in a forest:

Did you know that forests absorb about half of fossil fuel greenhouse gas emissions?
Forests can be considered a carbon “sink” capable of storing more carbon than the entire atmosphere itself!

The world’s forests absorb harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, converting it into organic carbon, which is found in all living things. It’s this simple: the more forests we have, the more carbon we take out of the atmosphere. 

By protecting our forests  we also help trap carbon that is already causing climate change. Because of this, almost every nation has committed to help protect our remaining rainforests at the United Nations’s Climate Change conferences. It’s up to us to hold them accountable to their promises.


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