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Dear Friends,
Yesterday, many of us sat back in shock, realizing that we now had a president-elect that categorically denies the existence of climate change and has expressed willingness to trample on the rights of citizens around the world.  Today, the time for sitting is over—our rainforests, our planet and our commitment to human rights cannot wait.
Regardless of what our president-elect may believe, if we want to stabilize the earth’s climate and protect life on earth as we know it, we need to protect our rainforests.  If we fail to curb our emissions in the US, protecting our rainforests – the planet’s natural carbon sink – has just become that much more urgent.
Taking a stand against human rights abuses at home and abroad has also become that much more necessary. We need to redouble our commitment to helping shape the type of  world we want to live in.
It is not enough to believe in the possibility of change. It’s time to take hope from the majority of Americans who believe in climate change and human rights, regardless of who they voted for. It is time to take hope from the many times indigenous communities have fought against overwhelming odds and won. It is time to take hope from the fact that we are not alone.
And most importantly, it’s time to act. In the coming months we will need to work more closely and  constructively with our allies, as well as build a much wider coalition for change. More than ever, we will need to come together to fight for our future and what is right.
Know that we, and other organizations fighting to protect our planet, will need your support, and need it soon.  We will need people to sign petitions, to share our news, to volunteer your time and talents, and to host events.
In short, we need you,
Suzanne Pelletier
Executive Director