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You may not know that today is International Forest Day, a day to celebrate and pledge to protect our forests.  Forests are not just beautiful but vital to our planet’s survival. Rainforests:

1. Protect our Climate
2. Safeguard our Water
3. House millions of species.
4. Are the world’s pharmacy.

But today is also the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. A day in which we recognize just how much work is ahead of us if we are to create a world in which racial discrimination is a thing of the past. This is particularly the case when it comes to Indigenous peoples. Indigenous people continue to have their rights ignored.  In too many instances, Indigenous communities

1. Lack legal recognition of their right to the lands they have historically occupied 
2. Are not consulted about projects that will flood, pollute or otherwise destroy their forest homes.
3.  Find that their spiritual and cultural relationships to their land are trivialized.

Until we protect Indigenous land rights we will not be able to ensure the survival of the forests these communities have safeguarded for millennia.

Become a Rainforest Defender! Together with our Indigenous partners, we will make sure our forests remain standing for generations to come.