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KIDS REALLY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Students at Heritage Montessori in California have been learning about the rainforest and  fundraising for us for several years.

Learning. If people don’t know how important the rainforest is, they won’t want to protect it. But kids at Heritage Montessori learn about the rainforest’s importance, they make maps, study rainforest animals, construct dioramas, and so much more. We know that knowledge is the first step, and after you learn this much about sloths, parrots and other great animals… its hard to imagine you won’t want to protect them as an adult.

Fundraising. Their studies culminate in an amazing fundraiser– around Earth Day the school itself turns into a rainforest! At the fundraiser kids share all they have learned and then help us fulfill our mission. This year Heritage Montessori raised over $1500.


That is enough to: Save 300+ Acres of Rainforest which will Trap almost 20,000 tons of CO2

300 Acres of rainforest is also home to thousands of mammals,
more than 800 species of trees–more than all the species of trees in North America.
and at least 10,000 different kinds of insects!

A huge thank you to Heritage Montessori!