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In The News: The Rainforest Foundation &
Drone Trainings In Panama!
For several years we have been training Indigenous communities in Panama to fly drones and use GPS technology to defend their homes from illegal logging and ranching and to document and map their ancestral lands. Today the maps these communities are making are not only helping to prove and delimit their land claims but also helping the Panamanian government to go after illegal loggers determined to cut down valuable cocobolo, or rosewood trees.
Indigenous communities in Panama have been carving rosewood for generations, carefully selecting the tree, cutting it down and painstakingly turning the wood into highly prized materials that reflect their culture. They understand the importance of protecting the remaining stands of rosewood for future generations.  Sadly, the high demand for rosewood and other exotic woods for high-end furniture, musical instruments, decorative items and even laminates (for example floors or plywood furniture with a veneer)  has led China and other countries to import large quantities of Panamanian wood.
But drones, cameras, GPS enabled cell phones are changing this story helping communities to fight back against encroachments on to their lands and the destruction of our forests.
Want To Learn More? Check out Kristen French’s article on Al Jazeera news:

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