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Second Quarterly Newsletter 2022

August 2022 Newsletter

In this newsletter you can read about the expansion of our Rainforest Alert forest patrolling program, including payments for communities involved that are used for collective benefits. Also meet our Senior Geographer, and learn about the Justice for Saweto campaign.


November 2021 Newsletter

In this newsletter you’ll read about our work in Guyana with indigenous peoples’ territorial rights and the climate crisis; glimpse a map of indigenous peoples’ carbon holdings to understand how much is at stake; and learn about Rainforest Foundation US’s ambitious plan to combat climate change in the years ahead.

A young indigenous woman stands in the middle of a deforested area.

July 2021 Newsletter

In this edition of our newsletter you’ll learn about the peer-reviewed study backing our community-based forest monitoring program; get an intimate look at the indigenous patrollers who are personally responsible for defending the forest; and learn about a recent delegation of indigenous leaders advocating for direct climate financing to indigenous communities.

Cartographer Carlos Doviaza participates in a training on the use of drones to monitor forests in a community called La Marea, Darién.

April 2021 Newsletter

In this newsletter you will read
how your support is having a direct impact on the ground with our partners in Panama, Guyana, Peru, and Brazil.