Rainforest Foundation US

Ethical sock company BIRD is proud to support Rainforest Foundation US.

Since 1989, Rainforest Foundation US has been at the forefront of rights-based forest protection, working with indigenous communities in Central and South America to support their visions of protecting their ancestral lands and fighting the climate crisis.

Rainforest Foundation US recognizes indigenous peoples that have called these forests home for millennia are the best defenders of their ancestral territories. Multiple studies have shown that indigenous controlled rainforests have the lowest rates of deforestation—even lower than that of national parks.

step 1


satellite signalling to land

Forest loss is picked up by satellite and recorded in Global Forest Watch, a free web app.

step 2


laptop with wifi signal on screen

Technicians in a regional data hub receive the deforestation alert and save the data to a memory card.

step 3


two people paddling canoe

Couriers transport the memory card by boat to the affected, off-grid indigenous community.

step 4

Investigate & Document

cell phone with cut down tree on screen

Forest patrollers travel to the site associated with the alert to investigate and document deforestation activity.

step 5


icon of person holding scales of justice

Forest patrollers present evidence to community assemblies, who decide on an appropriate course of action.

With your purchase of BIRD socks, you are positively impacting indigenous peoples at the frontlines of deforestation, protecting future generations and the Amazon rainforest.

Where are BIRD donations going?

In 2023, 100% of the donations from BIRD’s Bangalow Collection will go towards Rainforest Foundation US’ flagship program Rainforest Alert—a community-led rainforest monitoring program that connects indigenous peoples with remote sensing technology in order to better survey their lands against illegal deforestation.

What’s the impact of your purchase? 

A peer-reviewed study revealed that in the first  year of operation, communities implementing Rainforest Alert saw a 52% reduction in forest loss. The same study also showed that expanding Rainforest Alert across the Amazon could reduce carbon dioxide emissions from deforestation to the tune of taking 21 million cars off the road. And do so cost-effectively, at only $6 per hectare, per year. 

The Latest on Rainforest Alert

Edico Cuelo in his shop in Puerto Alegre, Peru

Keeping Forests Standing and Bettering Lives

Rainforest Foundation US has begun an unprecedented program of direct finance forest defense, wherein indigenous communities are financially rewarded for successfully protecting their territories against deforestation. In Puerto Alegre, on the Amazon River in Northern Peru, community members speak about the tremendous vulnerabilities confronting them.

Didier Devers
Chief of Party – USAID Guatemala

Didier has been coordinating the USAID-funded B’atz project since joining Rainforest Foundation US in April 2022. He holds a Master’s in Applied Anthropology and a Bachelor’s in Geography. Before joining the organization, Didier worked for 12 years in Central and South America on issues of transparency, legality, governance, and managing stakeholders’ processes in the environmental sector. Prior to that he worked on similar issues in Central Africa. He speaks French, Spanish, and English, and is based in Guatemala.