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Guarani Murdered by Ranchers in Brazil.


A group of 70 gunmen & local ranchers carried out an eviction of an indigenous Guarani community last week– killing one man, a baby and a wounding 12 year old child and several adults.  In Brazil, indigenous communities continue to put their lives on the land to defend their lands.  Rick Kearns reports on the murder and the continued violation of human rights in an article for Indian Country Today. Days later a local Guarani youth fishing with his friends was tortured and killed by a local farmer (in Portuguese by Pragmatismo Politico).  Human rights violations against indigenous people are only increasing in the Mato Grosso do Sul region near the border of Paraguay, where many Guarani communities are found.
“Activists and Indigenous leaders assert the gunmen were hired by local ranchers who are trying to push the Guarani Kaiowa people out of the Tey’i Jusu community.

Local sources noted that the Indigenous group had just recently moved to the area, which is legally theirs but is also considered part of the Ivu Ranch. Observers speculate that this move may be related to the attack.

The young man killed in the June 14 attack was community health worker Clodiodi Aquileu (said to be in his 20s) and the 12-year-old boy is Josiel Benites who along with the other five wounded people was taken to a nearby hospital.

Guarani Kaiowa villagers filmed the attack; that video shows men in dark uniforms firing at the Indigenous people and yelling racist insults at the villagers.” (Read complete article at Indian Country Today)