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One and a half acres of our rainforest are lost every second of every day.
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Ashaninka communities issue statement and demands at COP in Lima.

The Anshaninka communities of Alto Tamaya Saweto in Peru and Apiwtxa in Brazil issued the following joint statement today at a press conference at the COP in Lima. The communities are demanding justice related to the murders of four Ashaninka leaders in early September.

Monga Bay features Rainforest Foundation US in story: Giant stone face unveiled in the Amazon rainforest.

A new short film called “The Reunion” documents the journey of the Harakbut hiking deep into their territory to encounter a mysterious stone countenance that was allegedly carved by ancient peoples.

Tragedy in Peru Puts Human Rights Crisis Under Global Scrutiny


The New York Times published a powerful editorial on the brutal murder of four Ashaninka leaders in Peru, including well-known activist Edwin Chota.  The editorial reaffirms our position that in the face of extreme violence, the only thing the Peruvian government's inaction guarantees is more violence to come.  The resolve of the Ashaninka will not be weakened, no matter the cost.

The Reunion: the rediscovery of an ancient enormous carved stone face by the Harakbut

“The Reunion” is a stunning story about indigenous Harakbut people exploring their ancient past in the Peruvian Amazon with the search for an enormous carved stone face, or '”Rostro Harakbut” in the cliffs of the jungle.